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Upper Marlboro, MD   

                            Ravissant Clinical Newsletter  July 2011

As temperatures begin to climb during the summer, in-office exfoliating treatments will need to be altered, but they do not have to be discontinued completely. Protocols that include microdermabrasion, superficial peels and enzymes are excellent alternatives that will keep your skin care treatments on track all year long. Since various types of exfoliating treatments increase photosensitivity to some degree, precaution should always be taken, however there are many ingredients and products that may be more appropriate for treating your skin during the summer months. Instead of Jessner Peels or TCA Peels for example; which many of my clients are accustomed to, Peels such as these penetrate the skin more deeply thereby causing the skin to be more easily aggravated in response to environmental changes such as increased temperatures, higher pollution levels, increased sun exposure and high vehicle temperatures immediately following treatments. Sweating from the heat, clorine from swimming pools and use of saunas can affect the skin in the first 48 hours after treatment which can trigger hyperpigmentation or temporary rash like irritation. But alternative exfoliating treatments or facials with enzymes should still be continued during the summer months, to continue in the treatment, preventive care and health of the skin.  I simply alter the ingredients used to treat the skin so that it's appropriate for the summer heat.
One of my picks for summer is the Mango Peel by A Natural Difference. Mango Peel beats summer heat. The skin's reaction to the sun is acute inflammation. Mango's natural cooling qualities in this formula with Astaxanthin & Silymarin will reduce inflammation and leave skin with a smooth youthful glow. We have taken the essence of this succulent fruit and developed a new way to beat the summer heat by exfoliating and rejuvenating dried out skin. The Mango Peel contains numerous beneficial ingredients which provide exfoliation & cellular renewal, by  increasing cellular turnover. This marvelous natural product also carries the benefit of aromatherapy.

Here's how the Mango Peel with Astaxanthin & Silymarin works. Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant produced by microscopic marine plants. It protects the skin from sun radiation by preventing DNA damage and the effects of UV light, it essentially prevents oxidative stress. Silymarin is a flavanoid that acts as an antioxidant. It is ten times more powerful than Vitamin E,  it's extracted from Milk Thistle,  helps neutralize harmful free radicals
and has shown to carry potent antiviral actives.


Body wraps are traditionally used as a way to shrink fat cells and reduce inches on the body, making people look thinner within a few sessions. However, some body wraps are also good for the skin as well as for getting rid of inches. If you have skin blemishes or other skin problems, you may find that a side effect of melting inches is clearer, tighter skin. Body wraps are also good for creating softer and more radiant skin after just one session, so it really doesn't take long to see results!

Body Wraps to Clear Skin
Body wraps can clear your skin of blemishes and spots. This is because many of the ingredients in body wraps draw toxins out of your skin and clears it up. Things like Dead Sea mud, seaweed, herbs and essential oils draw out the poisons and impurities that pile up in your skin from exposure to pollution and poor eating. In fact, you can see the difference in you skin after just one session and after a few, you will be positively glowing with clean skin and improved health.

Body Wraps to Tighten Skin
The Fact that these ingredients shrink fat cells means that they also shrink skin cells on their way to the fat cells. Things like cellulite and loose, baggy skin can be remedied using body wraps because the ingredients in them tighten and tone up skin. It's generally thought of as just being a part of melting inches off, but it can also be used for getting rid of loose skin after pregnancy or losing wight successfully. It is also a good reward for the hard work you've put into your weight loss or full body detoxification!

Body Wraps to Soften Skin
Finally, body wraps have ingredients such as Dead Sea mud, clay, essential oils and herbs which softens your skin and makes it smooth and easy to touch. The drawing out of toxins and bacteria which allows your skin to regenerate new skin cells faste and thus you get softer skin. The new skin will be much softer, dewy and hydrated in appearance. In ordet to keep it though, remember to use moisturizers regularly because your skin will need to be rehydrated after sweating everything out in the body wrap. Moisturizers will also lock in all the nutrients from the body wrap so that they stay there longer. I recommend oils such as coconut oil or jojoba oil mixed with any variety of essential oils. I offer an array of therapeutic single essential oils and essential oil blends that can be used in baths, oils or lotion at home between visits.

Body wraps are usually advertised as a way to shed inches from your body and make you appear slimmer, especially for special occasions or events since the effects aren't always permanent unless you work on them. Howerver, like the best things in life, body wraps aren't good for just one thing; they are good for doing several things to improve your appearance. When it comes to skin care, getting a body wrap is a great way to have clear, radiant and soft skin after just one session, let alone the two or three it can take to achieve optimal inch loss. So, when you get your next body wrap, remember to look forward to the other effects on your health such as detoxification, clearer, tighter and softer skin.

If you want to lose inches, look slimmer, and rejuvenate your skin, then you should try body wraps.

Body Wraps and Cellulite
Cellulite is that dimpled orange peel skin in certain areas that does not disappear with diet and exercise. Cellulite is the result of changes in both the metabolism and the structure of the adipose (fat) tissue.

The formation of cellulite is a gradual process caused by an upset in the delicate balance between the blood circulation, the fat cell metabolism and the lymphatic drainage. The process begins with a slight build up of fluid in the tissues, which hampers the blood and lymph circulation and the removal of toxins. The fat cells are deprived of oxygen and waste removal; they swell in size and form clusters connected by collagen fibers. There is decreased blood flow, decreased break down of fat and toxins and fluids continue to accumulate worsening the condition. The result is a buildup of areas of undesirable, flabby dimpled skin with poor skin tone.

The key is to restore fluid balance and a healthy metabolism to the fat tissues. The carefully blended essential oils in my pick, The Oleaslim Body Wrap penetrate deeply to help increase the oxygen content in the tissues, promote the process of fat breakdown to regulate fluid balance and improve drainage. The warmth helps restore adequate blood flow and lymph drainage to eliminate toxins and edema. The mandatory water consumption flushes these impurities from the body and ensures proper hydration.

My 1st pick is OLEASLIM AROMATHERAPY TREATMENTS (BODY WRAPS) by NELLY DE VUYST. In a world filled with incredible slimming and cellulite products and treatments with equally incredible claims, it is diffifcult to separate the real from the pretenders - to find the ones that actually work. Oleaslim is an all-natural no-gimmick, no-nonsense treatment that achieves remarkable and proven results.

Used successfully for 20 years in the finest spas  and medi-spa's worldwide, Oleaslim eliminates cellulite, helps firm the tissues and leaves your skin silky smooth. Oleaslim treatments provide a realistic, proven solution to the problem of cellulite and localized fat deposits. This remarkable blend of essential oils combined with gentle warmth effectively restores a healthhy metabolism to adipose (fat) tissue  and eliminates toxins and excess fluids from the body.

The power of carefully chosen essential oils combined with the stimulation of the heat works to eliminate cellulite, slim and detoxify the body. The benefits include visible reduction of the orange peel skin, overall slimming inch loss, and a unique detoxification of the body for increased wellness, hydration and firming of the skin. Additionally, these treatments are very calming, leaving you feeling wonderfully refreshed and energized.

Lie back, relax, and let the delightful aroma of the oils renew your spirit and transform your figure.

After a stimulating dry brushing, the blended essential oils are applied over the entire body surface. You are cacooned in warmth to relax and enjoy the soothing aromas. Oleaslim works on the most affected parts of the body - thighs, hips, waist, abdomen, arms, knees, calves, and ankles.  

I recommend two treatments per week to complete a series of ten treatments. That ensures that the inches stay off and that the tissues are toxin - free and reprogrammed to function properly. You may wish to continue your series for as long as you like. Many clients will lose a dress size or more from a series of 10 treatments and of couurse adramatic improvement in cellulite and skin tone.

For the absolute optimum results, it is essential that you drink at least eight glasses of water every day and follow through at home with a simple product regimen recommended by your therapist. The water helps flush impurities from your system and hydrates the body. The products react to intensify the benefits of the Oleaslim Treatment.

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